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Spiritually Hip Calgary, Alberta Canada


 Spiritually Hip got started out of a series of life events that have shaped me into a person who strongly believes that some form of spirituality, whatever that may be for the individual, is crucial in making it through this life being happy and content. 

 Spirituality is a taboo subject for some and a methodology for hurt and destruction, for others. We will focus on what people in the Western world call "New-Age" spirituality, which really stems back thousands of years in another time and culture. 

For our purposes here we will use spiritual and psychological methods to help our clients in any way that is needed. To have true happiness, we believe, people need to have a belief coupled with self-confidence and self-respect.

 A little about me personally...I have been through some tough things that has helped to shape personality and attitude. I don't regret any of the things that happened (I won't get into those here, you'll have to wait for the But I will say that the things that I survived and sought help to deal with have put me in that perfect position to listen to and help others with understanding and empathy.

I have taken numerous courses in order to deal with my situation and now I'm in a position to be of service to others. What differentiates me from most others is that I have survived and can relate to my clients on a much deeper level.

 I used to get so aggravated when Doctors and Counsellors would try to give me advice and preach from  their "textbook" knowledge. I offer my client more. Obviously, I haven't been through some of the experiences that my clients may have, but the feelings are the same.

At Spiritually Hip we strive to be the best at what we do. My wife and I are basically running the business at this point. We offer exceptional personal care that will show to our clients. I want our business to stay on a personal and intimate level, so that our clients feel that we care and are working hard to help them improve their lives.