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Skills for Living are the subjects that they never taught you in school, but definitely should have.

 We were taught all of the basics that the educational system thought we needed to be successful in life. We learned how to read and write, how to do various levels of mathematics and some science. We should have been set to venture out into the world and make our way up the ladder of success.

 What they didn't teach us how to deal with the frustrations, setbacks and disappointments. Maybe they teach more wellness now, but if you're like me, we didn't get that when was I was in school. They also didn't look at the myriad of mental and emotional blocks that they do now. A lot of people that I grew up with also struggled with addiction issues that possibly could have been avoided if they had the tools needed to cope better. We will address addiction issues here as well.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we get that sudden shock or frozen feeling that hits us and we react .


 We will be looking at different methodologies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness and Meditation practices to give you the"tools" in which to "deal with" your life situations. We are going equip you with the tools needed to hit it out of the park.  At times we react in positive ways and other times not so positive, depending on how we deal with unexpected stressors (minor or major stresses) and/or traumatic situations.

 From here you will have the opportunity to decide that you would like to continue receiving blog posts and newsletter updates or you may wish to enroll in a membership, answer some detailed questions in which to get a foundation or a starting point on what you may need to start adding to your coping toolbox. With your membership you will be given the opportunity to take the learning modules and take advantage of one on one life skills coaching. If you are in The Calgary area and would like one one coaching, that can be done in person. If you are outside of the Calgary area there will be Skype sessions available. The choice will be totally up to you which method and how deep you feel you would like to go. Prior to your membership you will have the opportunity our life skills coach.